ResMed Mirage Quattro – Medium


ResMed’s Mirage Quattro Full Faced Mask provides industry leading fit and comfort.

Offering 24 different positions for forehead support, the Mirage Quattro is as versatile as it gets.

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Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear – Medium

  • Improved vent design reduces noise levels by 50% from the Ultra Mirage Full Face.
  • Dual-Wall forehead cushion boosts comfort and support.
  • Specially designed cushion accommodates for jaw drop.
  • Easily remove the headgear without interfering with mask settings.
  • Innovative cushion creates a strong seal to the face, preventing leaks.
  • The forehead MicroFit dial can be adjusted to reduce pressure on the bridge of the nose.

What is in the box:

  • Cushion
  • Frame
  • Headgear
  • Clips
  • Hose Connector


Other Sizes:  Large

ResMed Mirage Quattro fitting template

ResMed Mirage Quattro fitting guide

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2 reviews for ResMed Mirage Quattro – Medium

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have used this mask for years. For a full face its pretty good. This manufacturer is great to deal with too. Half the price of my past supplier. Didn’t even have to leave home to get it.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The mask is by far the best CPAP mask I have ever used. The four point harness keeps the mask in place even when I toss and turn all night, and the full face mask keeps me from losing my air due to my mouth opening when I sleep. The adjustable forehead tensioner helps find a perfect fit.

    The harness is a great one, with click in place clips below for quick removal and donning, and the upper attachment is angled so that the harness doesn’t pop free from the frame. The only thing is that it should be made of a non-stretchy material, as stretchy materials have to be adjusted more frequently.

    This mask MUST be cleaned every day – do not get lazy! Not cleaning it on a daily basis will make it leaky and hard to make a good seal.

    I had some trouble with the top leaving marks on my nose, but that was easily solved with a little nose pad.

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